Is romance expensive

I was listening to the morning radio show on Mix Fm and the topic of “Is romance expensive” was on, and it got me thinking about the question.
Is it??
Does it require you to fork out an amount that would equate with how much affection you feel for the person? And the is there the calculation aspect of it too, “this is what you got me for Christmas after the amount of money I spent on your gift?”
There was also a small discussion if romance levels could be the same at a mamak and a French restaurant.
No matter how much I would argue how it is actually the same .. There are some obvious differences … Do you notice that glow in her eye when you guys are fine dining, the smiles, the ease and the seductive stares between the two? Try that in the mamak and I’m sure the fumes of the Maggie Goreng would get in your eye.
But I wonder if there are people out there that can ignore the artificial interferences in having a romantic moment despite the amount of money spent.
I’m sure there are couples that even prefer the mamak dinners to the French restaurant ones … But the question is can one couple live in simplicity and still progress together steadily??
Can love be equated any other way in this day and age?

I think so but I do feel it depends on both people. Both have to feel that way and realize that money does not determine much … Luxury and comfort is also a state of mind … So money is just an illusion??

Hmmm …


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