Saving Cameron Highlands and Ipoh may involve more than voting for Pakatan Rakyat

Making my way through Ipoh, I noticed that both BN and PR had equal amount of flags staking a claim over a state that literally belongs to both coalitions after the famous ‘defections’.
With Perak the votes seem to be split between two groups, the Urbanites and the Rural people.
This might apply to other states in the country as well but none more visible here.
Town folk with PR because they know better and online media shy rural folk with BN cause mainstream media after constant exposure can be quite persuasive.
Having dinner with family in the famous Onn Kee Tauge Ayam (chicken rice and bean sprout), we were soon greeted by some MCA-BN politicians who tried to hand us pamphlets which we gently refused and later speeches on top of their MPV.
The speech was in Chinese.
So interrupted at dinner, we did what naturally came to mind, laugh our faces off at whatever we could make out from their speech.
We soon became quite the table-to-look-at and even got the evil eyes from a couple of BN loyalists.
We didn’t care.
Why should we.
All I could think of was that they intruded into a politic free area, and should be made to pay the price for intruding.
And didn’t they all.
People started laughing along with us, most afraid to do so, nevertheless keep glancing over to us as much as they glanced over to the MCA hopefuls.
They were no applause after each of the three to four speeches.
That was weird cause I would assume at least a small section of the crowd would be BN supporters.
They seemed to lack enthusiasm. I couldn’t blame them. We were a tough crowd.
Speaking to a Chinese man next to us who instantly were ‘fans’ of us, he said people know its all bullshit and often come in droves if it was a Pakatan Rakyat speech.
It was obvious where Ipoh’s loyalty (and votes) lie.
Most people allowed them to use public space where a lot of people head at nights, because you would probably lose your business license if you didn’t.
That was made very clear and understood.

The nights laughter came as a pleasant surprise after disappointing attempts to find a decent waterfall to cool off earlier in the day.
What we found were chocolates colored sludge-filled water due to land clearing and mind you we tried two waterfalls.
Bunting Falls and Hulu Kinta Falls were definitely an eye opener to just what is happening silently in our country.
The next day we went to Cameron Highlands and were shocked to learn that Robinson Falls and Parit Falls were in worse shape!!!
Tanah Rata independent candidate Cheam May Choo claimed that the waterfalls in Cameron Highlands now contained ‘drain water’ and pollution is so bad in Cameron Highlands which is what motivated her to contest.
“My concerns are local with what is happening to the environment here.
“Flooding in Cameron Highlands is so bad that cars can be fully submerged in the water,” she said.

My question is, “can’t the government put up specific requirements, ensure and enforce strict rules when it comes to land clearing?”
Have we not seen enough loss due to pollution and corrupted land, forest and other resources dealings.
When are we going to say, “enough is enough, lets claim Malaysia back, our Malaysia, what we envision our country to be and represent,”

Pakatan Rakyat has outlined it’s interest in environmental issues like the Lynas Plant.
So in my mind, pick the lesser evil, and in places where one woman strives to make a difference that can actually benefit us as well our children and their children, pick Cheam May Choo for Tanah Rata and Wong Teck for Bentong in order to save Cameron Highlands and Kuantan.

Hulu Kinta Falls, Ipoh

Bunting Falls, Ipoh



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