Our own Anti-Racism campaign

Racism. Where do you turn to when the people who are suppose to uphold certain values as your leaders are openly racist?

It leaves you with quite a quandary. As middle-income earners, we do not have the luxury to constantly demonstrate for change, equality and anti-racism. We have to go out of our way simply to tell the government that should consist of ‘grown ups’ that “Hey we enjoy living and working closely to each other, so please stop the racial hatred spread through press conferences and mainstream media headlines”.

But the tricky part if no one takes the effort and stands up then nothing will ever change.

From the pictures gathered online, it looked like almost 200,000 people thronged the Kelana Jaya Stadium to vent their anger at the Barisan National government over spreading racial hatred and for an uneven playing field during the last General Elections.

200,000 is a figure hard to achieve especially when no free cars are being given out as a part of a lucky draw.

From the last General Elections showing, it seems that even though many people voted for change and end of race-based politics, the ‘forever ruling’ BN government were smarter always banking on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerrymandering, making sure areas are winnable even when support from people were low.

It seems for the people of Malaysia, the question now is beyond politics or race but instead what country they would like to raise their children in?

Racists are a close minded bunch destined to not go far critically and creatively due to self-imposed limitations. People of Malaysia have to decide once and for all, “do I raise my child in a racist environment among racists destined to grow up with racist and stereotyping thoughts and ideas, or do I make the change now?”.

That is the serious question to ask yourself despite the party or leaders you may support.

So the next time you go to the polls in Malaysia, instead of voting for individuals or parties, vote for Anti-Racism.


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