Smile again

All I see is nervous gestures,

What ever happen to the childlike laughter?

The kind where your eyes lit up wide,

More uncontrollable movement to hide.


All I see is nail-biting,

What ever happened to sea surfing?

And wave crashing,

Dares that led to risky jumping.


All I see is anxiety,

And it will be the end of me.

It’s weighing me down,

Its making me wanna leave town,

City and Country.

It’s like a calling indefinitely.


Now it’s complains,

Now it’s refrains,

You judge wrong,

And the grudges u have throng,

I’m all mistake.

I’m not great.

I shall never be respected,

I shall never be appreciated.


Can I go back to normality?

Can I go back to familiarity?

Just wanna smile again.

Just wanna live without pain.

Just wanna smile and grin, again.


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