The Dog who will not be Filmed

If my dog Andres, had a previous life, I’m sure he was a celebrity’s dog. I’m sure he had to take so many pictures that he hated the sight of a camera. I say this because Andres hates the camera. And by camera, I mean any device that has a shutter capability. I’ve tried taking pictures of him with my HTC phone, Ipad, cameras and to no avail. He not only turns his face away but sometimes runs away, in hiding, as if hurt that I even attempted to take a picture.

So a few days ago, I outsmarted him from distance with a zoom lens.


The whole frustration with his shyness towards the camera, had made me look at him more as an individual with personal preferences, just like us, rather than a dog with a unique dislike.
But I’m sorry Andres, I will not stop my attempts, cause you are adorable.


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