Two Sons

There were two sons. One of a CEO and one of a bus driver.
I don’t think we need to specify how run-down the bus was or how majestic was this CEO’s office. You get the point.
Both sons start out equally, or so it seemed.
They learn the first few lessons of life while being completely dependent on their fathers financially.

So when they had to set off from the warm, safe and convenient embrace of their fathers, life’s journey to become independent didn’t come with much thrill.
One inherited debt, the other inherited trust funds he knew little about.
They had started off having the same amounts of money in their pockets.
But due to their different set ups, the differences had begun to show.
One son required more cash to sustain a moderate lifestyle than the other. He had more liabilities and commitments that require liquidity.
He never even considered an investment; it was simply “beyond” him.
Soon one son’s pockets bulged more than the other. The economics of it was quite simple.
Both of them studied in the same school, although their different fathers meant their paths rarely crossed.
There were social cliques in school, most of them didn’t understand why, but played along.
It was just “socially” correct.
The bus driver’s son immediately belonged to a group that was associated with rebellion.
The two eventually landed jobs, different jobs. They have also landed in different pay scales. It had nothing to do with their brains.

Soon there was love.
Both fell for the same girl (yes it happens in real life too).
The girl herself grew fond of both boys, and realized at one point she could not live without either one of them. She loved them both.
Despite having someone in common, the two sons were never ’friends’. They were just … acquaintances, because of this girl. The girl had caused their paths to cross and intertwine.
Both sons adored the girl; to them she was “it”.
To the girl, one son looked more exciting than the other. One looked confident, successful and fun to be around.
The other looked weary, lacking of confidence, and ultimately distracted.
The girl chose the latter. He just seemed to have more substance. But that only lasted so long.

Soon, he grew more distracted from her. He suddenly became cold and quiet.
The distraction had caused her to move away from him. The distance ultimately caused a separation. And suddenly the confident, successful one appeared to be more desirable.
The bus driver’s son suffers.
The stakes were higher for him; everything seemed to weigh on his shoulders.
He dealt with more stress than he ever did before.
Having enough more seemed to dominate thought in his head lately.
He spent a lot of time dwelling on what were the “right moves” to make in order to succeed. He had become silent and moody and ultimately not fun to be around.

She left him for the CEO’s son.
She decided after dwelling quite a bit on her own.
Some questions that she never considered filled up her brain.
“What is best for my future, which will make a better life for my future kids, who will my parents be more proud of, who will make me happier”, she thinks hard and makes her decision.
The CEO’s son had more money than he needed at that point.
The world seemed to be within his reach.
But life inevitably became dull.
Thrills are few when you could afford anything your heart desired.
So he was reckless, childish and rebellious.
He made mistakes.
He lost a lot of money.
He hurts the girl.
He didn’t see her value anymore.
He couldn’t see the point to routine that was her, anymore.
She missed the other boy. At the cold and lonely center of her nights, she cried out to the other boy.
No one heard her.
And so it went.


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