The Lake in the middle of the sea

It’s a different kind of air. It is fresh and clean. The leaves sway in a hint of a breeze. Malaysian forests still possess humid heat. But it’s somehow more tolerable, today at least. The steps leading to this wondrous ‘miracle’ are long and consistent. Not being in the best shape doesn’t help you but it never reaches the point where you just want to turn back.

Sounds accompany you. You know those forest sounds, nothing too prominent to trouble your already relaxed mind. That is assuming of course a 10 minute boat ride testing the waves here, relaxes you. Langkawi seas are not too rough. I have definitely bumped-on rougher and harder waters.

Pulau Dayang Bunting (the Pregnant Maiden Lake) has its legends. What you see now is a freshwater lake, separated from sea by rock, but swimmers will tell you that the lake is deep.

What takes the cake is that it is caught right in the middle of the sea. That fact alone makes it quite amazing.

The boatman will point out the “pregnant woman” to where this legend was derived from; I don’t want to dwell to much in this legend, as I just believe its nature’s way of leaving us dumbstruck and willing to believe just about anything that is told to us. For those who want to get more information about the legend, I suggest you visit a Langkawi website or better yet, get it out of one of the boatmen there.

Feet soaked in the freshwater lake, and these catfish, too big for my liking, come up to surface and nibble on your toes. Many people love the feeling, but I keep thinking of the catfish from Jeremy Wade’s “River Monsters” and the thought alone is enough to keep my toes dry and safe.

Monkeys (Macaques) are everywhere. They peek into your bag; they steal your drinks and basically just little excited creatures wanting to play. I wouldn’t suggest resisting once these creatures have a hold of anything that belongs to you, unless you want to be rushed back to the mainland.

What an escape, practically hidden from society. You can’t help leaving the place feeling reenergized and enthusiastic about the rest of the island.







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