Hard working Hat Yai

And the first thing I noticed about Hat Yai was the tiredness. Despite the forced happy faces you see everywhere you turn, you could also see that the people here really had it tough, it showed.

Imagined caught between poverty and a transition town in Thailand. Because there are tourist here it is by no means a village. But it seems like a village struggling to be a town or a town holding back as hard as it could from returning to a village.

There’s almost nothing to do. Lucky me I have walked the streets and already found where I’d be spending my Saturday night, a pub showing football of course!!!
One can travel the world but come the weekend, the urge to watch the EPL is too damn strong.

As I sip my super super sweet Thai iced coffee, my heart goes out to the people sweating just to survive. That’s why I do not collect my change for this coffee and a few more things I purchase. It’s the very least I could do.







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