Hat Yai and technology

In a more positive note, technology has reached Hat Yai in the best way possible. Satellite tv and to my amazement, pretty good and extensive WiFi coverage throughout the city. My amazement comes at comparing the wifi strength and coverage to other bigger (financial and modernization wise) cities that I’ve been to including that of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

As I type this on my Ipad that has benefited from this Pub’s WiFi, I wait for the Manchester City vs Arsenal game, wondering if I’d survive the trip here a few years ago.
I think that technology is good in places like these even with its bad side effects. The positives definitely outnumber the negatives here.

Knowing more about the world and it’s latest trends does help the locals here deal with tourists that flock to this country. They sell relevant merchandise because they have access to information and trends, they can also package their holiday deals better and in a more extensive way so someone from anywhere around the world can book their entire holiday over the internet.
Amazing when u realize that Hat Yai is a simple simple city.

Walking the streets, I’m brought back to the harsh reality. Hat Yai is dusty and bustling. Their weekends are hectic and walk a little further and you see that hard labor knows little of a day off.
Their rivers are filthy. There is no need to sugarcoat it.

I walk a little further and I find serenity as I pass two churches and a really beautiful Buddhist temple.
The temples here are quite elaborate, and it reminds me of those I’ve seen in Kelantan.
The grounds really does bring some peace to a weary and tired mind.

I leave this place tomorrow morning, and I say thumbs up for technology !!










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