Too much of a paradise

It’s blue. Various blues. It’s calming effect is supernatural.

I’m lying by the pool (also blue of course) in some part of KohPhangan island in Thailand. Across me on the other side is the beach, which I figure has some near sun-hot temperatures right now. I’m not planning to venture into it anytime soon.

Jungle sounds fill up the air at random times. Maybe they see us. Maybe they know we don’t belong here, neither does this resort and all that has been done to this island.

This is too much of a paradise. Sadness creeps up to me all of suddenly when I realize that this can’t last forever. But I quickly shake it off, way to ruin this feeling.

There’s a dog scratching it’s ear and rolling on the grass. The dog must be agreeing with me, and wondering how on earth did it end up on such an island, away from the other dogs.
The dog though, can live here forever. Forever being the life it will eventually live and die by.

I go back in two days. I have no such fate. Back to all sorts of negative and life suckingness, but until then … It’s so blue …











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