My Impending Death

I’ve seen my death. I know how it comes. I’ve seen the flashes.

Play this song at my funeral,
Let me know that I live eternal.
Play a rap song that I know,
Finish it off with “let it snow”,
Smile a bit when I go,
Laugh just some more.
I’ve known emotions like nothing you will ever know.
He let me feel the depths of human sorrow,
I’ll never want that other story,
I’ll never regret not achieving glory.
I’ve lived full.

I’ve broken hearts and I’ve broken mine,
I’ve stole lies and lived all nine,
I’ve seen death and over came it,
I’ve seen life and embraced it.

I’ve tasted more than I should have,
I’ve been delirious, alone and suave.
I was a mix of life.

Don’t cry when I die.
I lived life like you would never know.
Have that wine, drink that Hennessy,
Celebrate me, and let me go.


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