Daniel, it has been five years

Daniel, you have been on my mind lately. 5 years on, I wonder how you would look like, what your hair style would be like, what music would be blaring from your headphones … I wonder if you would have had a partner by now … Would you be here or away again … Would you have made us smile and laugh .. Would we be screaming away to Hip Hop in my car or would you have a car of your own by now.

With death constantly surrounding me, I can’t help but going back to you. You will be the death that changed me forever, I can’t be sadder than I was when you were robbed from us.

Maybe it was because we both dreamed more than we lived. Maybe because your mom was like mom and my dad could have been yours. We were never competitive like that.

They robbin’ the good ones everyday, I’m tired of this shit. Please tell me there’s the end where we get to see you again and you get to tell us tales that I can’t comprehend right now.

Tell me of the oceans that don’t end, and the waterfalls that don’t stop, hills as beautiful as in my mind and life without limitations. Tell me there’s something better than this and that the best is yet to come. Tell me a life without bills, pills and cheap thrills.

The other day someone approached me near Central Market, someone who walks the streets. At first I was gonna ignore him because I had a hard day at work, but then he said something that made me think twice.
“Do you know Daniel?”

Of course I later found out that he was talking about some other person, but I couldn’t help reminiscing, since it was so close to the place that the horrible crime took place at. Every time I think about it …. The cruelty … What would possess someone of such barbarism?

Then I remember the call, the hospital, and you on that bed. It will always be real, in vivid color.

For now I’m still holding on to the possibility of seeing you again … Where we can be kids again and not know of the horrible world anymore.



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