Ready for the After-life

I’ve been in and out of consciousness,
I’ve been in and out of graciousness,
I’ve been on the bitter end of hate,
And the losing end of fate.

I recall the joy of sharing,
And the thrill of pairing.
I would tell you of music that help me through,
You say it helped you too.

I miss being in tune,
I miss being in control,
Somewhere I began chasing the devil’s tune,
Somehow I’ve misplaced myself.

Now I wait to face the next phase,
Now I play your game,
Now I count the less colorful days,
Until my end, unexpected end.

But I’ve seen the rain and the sunlight,
And I’ve danced in the glow,
I’ve felt the ray of love
And I wasn’t afraid of letting it show.

And I’ve seen the colors of rainbow,
And I’ve driven past your hue,
I’ve smelled the fresh and watery dew,
I’ve lived my life through and through.




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