Dedap Batik

Hey there Carisma,
What’s it like Sungai Buloh,
are you lonesome or are you happy,
let me know,
these lights don’t quite shine like they used to do,
perhaps it is cause of you

Hey there Carisma,
Are you happier now than ever,
did someone sweep you off your pretty feet,
are you so far gone,
i’m counting sheep

A million miles are now between us,
I’m probably fading more, it scares me,
I’m left with all these thoughts of you,
and you never leave me, you linger on lightly.


Hey there Carisma,
Are you done with school,
did you pass with flying colors, like I said you would,
did you impress everyone like I knew you would,
Did you smile,
and did you make there in time?

Are you now pondering about life,
Is someone now holding your hand,
although mine fit you best,
Is he picking out your dress,
is he making such a mess,
wait that was just me, being me.

Hey there Carisma,
Are you making plans with friends,
are you glad and are you feeling like a queen,
the kind no one’s ever seen
or been?

Hey there Carisma,
I’m sorry if I hurt you,
We never could have worked, but I
I wish I tried harder though, just for you,
Wish I didn’t fail your tests, I wish we clicked,
We argued like no other, and we loved like no other,
and I miss you so much it hurts me all over,
I can’t shake you off, not one day.
Tell me what to do
I imagine your days, in my mind,
not knowing if I’m even close,
I’m even on your mind?

Hey there Carisma,
I love you still, from here,
You can’t see it, or feel it,
And I can’t find you, or show you,
But I keep you, in my heart of hearts,
and I remember you, and how you smell,
and how you kissed, and how you held me.

And we could never really work,
The New Radical’s couldn’t answer it,
and neither can I,
But tell me that someday I’ll know why,
That i’d get that answer,
cause I miss you so much.


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