This is my reset,
She fine as hell,
This is my comeback,
The stories she’d tell.

24, but what a mind,
Traveller and activist,
Tell me what a find.

A knockout,
A ten,
Accent from that mouth,
I begin, again.

Challenge me,
To do one better,
Red nail polish be,
How I get her.

This is my comeback,
I’ve met my fate,
This is my reset,
Before its too late.

Every joke she reacts to,
Every smile to me,
Is a glimpse of my part two,
Glimpse of my destiny.

I’ve not wanted anybody,
Since the last travesty,
I want you insatiably,
Instantly, completely.

Next to Italy,
Above Greece,
Tonight, dream of me,
Start with a miss.

This is my reset.


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