Dinner in Manila

Strangely, it reminded me of Hat Yai. A contrast of two extremes. Extreme poverty and extreme ridiculous prices in the city.

The two nights went by easy. I seem to know my way around these places nowadays.

I shied away from the city heat during the day, it was pointless to venture out anyway, it is always the same buildings and same monuments and same food, it doesn’t intrigue me.

The nights are easier, there’s more color and life. It’s easier to breathe, easier to feel the city.

You meet the nicest of people during these trips, even when you don’t go looking.

I did however have to shake off the first day jet lag, that sucked big time. 31 and out of shape is beginning to take its toll.

Anne, pointed me the right way more than once, thank you. You somehow brought me so deep into your life in two days it’s amazing.

When you meet the locals, they bring you to spots you would never usually end up. That’s the added advantage.

FINDERS KEEPERS, the place that went red as we tore into the daylight like the young hopefuls we are and I’m surely not.

All in all, I wouldn’t trade this experience of Makati or Manila for another.


Finders Keepers is located in San Lorenzo, Makati City.


The Kismet Cafe and Wellness Market


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