So she looked at him with frustration and wondered, “not again”.

She felt this way before, the opposite of sexy, the kind that wrenches your gut and fills it with unexplained anger. She deals with it her own way, the only way she knows how, she leaves.

He goes berserk.

“She left, they all do, eventually they all leave.

“How could she just leave ?” he asked himself knowing the answer, he was undeniably over reacting.

“She’s probably fucking someone else. Why else did she leave, her heart isn’t in this anymore.”

She walks it off, trying to clear her head, wondering what the hell were wrong with them.

She can’t help but thinks about her ex.

“He was never like this. He gave me space, he never made a deal over nothing, absolutely nothing” she thought, although feeling a tiny bit guilty she thought about it that way.

She types her ex’s name on her phone, his number comes up.


She smiles.


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