Take me back. 

To the couch, in that apartment.

To the time where u were on top of me, and the problems were weighed down.

When I couldn’t feel the disappointment cause there you were.

Your hair all over my face, I couldn’t breathe, but i didn’t wanna move away.

Your hand on mine, your legs on mine, you outlined my body with yours, as much as you could. 

You kissed me.

Cause there I was safe, your phone wasn’t with you, there I had you, all to myself.

The problems, they didn’t exist anymore, as you melted into my skin and bones, you pressed harder, and bent my bones.

“Give me another 5 minutes” I said. You obliged, many times.

I brokedown, it was too damn pretty to be that ugly.

I ignored it, and breathe you in, one last time, knowing after that, things will change forever.

That couch.


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