Don’t drown

Papa don’t drown.
We don’t want you to,
Me and momma, we don’t hate you,
You left us,
To fend for ourselves,
I was that little boy,
Whose eyes twinkled when you were around,
But that didn’t last,
You went out of town,
Yet I don’t wanna see you drown,
I wanna pick you up.

Papa don’t drown.
That dream haunts me,
We don’t hate you,
How was I going to be a man,
If the man I always wanted to know,
Was just a ghost?
Papa don’t drown.
You left us,
We loved you,
I’m still trying to be your son,
I’m still trying to make you proud,
Buy you are drowning,
And I’m helpless,
I can’t save you anymore,

Papa don’t drown.


Through tonight’s wind

I’ll always love you,
Through the night’s wind.

I’ll always love you through the piano keys,
The ocean breeze,
The green fields of hope,
And your naked and your dope.

I’ll always love you through music,
Despite the seconds they tick,
I’ll love you through each second,
Through all your men.

I’ll always love you through the veins on my neck,
Through the haunting melodies of my whizzer cone,
Through the empty sounds of my phone.

I’ll always love you through the night’s wind.
And although you may never see me, I’m sure you can still feel me.
I’ll never leave you.

MM 4.8.15

Time, destroyed us

Remember the times my tunes made you move?
Remember vibin with me?
Remember listening to it and smiling and getting it?
Remember somehow how it became “our” song.
What happened?

What happened to the stomach-turning excitment as we took those lift rides.
Remember wanting more … And more … More
Remember holding my hand?
Remember making plans?
Remember looking into my eyes?
Didn’t you see this stumbling boy who tried to make you smile, so much so, that he ended up making all the wrong moves,
Ended up the bigger loser.

I did try to make you smile.

I did.

Oh how time has destroyed us.


Fire up on 16th

You saw demise,
When u looked in my eyes,
I saw truth in lies,
Truth in cries.

I loved you insanely,

I needed you lustfully,
Tormenting you patiently.

I blamed you endlessly,
You blamed me entirely.

Our faults mere lies,
Our weaknesses mere humanity,
Our faults mere tries,
Our life together mere insanity.

I wonder where you sleep,
I wonder whose heart, now you keep.
I wonder who’s finger you intertwined,
I wonder who’s lap you unwind.

I hold your heart, your bleeding heart,
Your true and blue heart,
I hold it here, in my heart.



Smile again

All I see is nervous gestures,

What ever happen to the childlike laughter?

The kind where your eyes lit up wide,

More uncontrollable movement to hide.


All I see is nail-biting,

What ever happened to sea surfing?

And wave crashing,

Dares that led to risky jumping.


All I see is anxiety,

And it will be the end of me.

It’s weighing me down,

Its making me wanna leave town,

City and Country.

It’s like a calling indefinitely.


Now it’s complains,

Now it’s refrains,

You judge wrong,

And the grudges u have throng,

I’m all mistake.

I’m not great.

I shall never be respected,

I shall never be appreciated.


Can I go back to normality?

Can I go back to familiarity?

Just wanna smile again.

Just wanna live without pain.

Just wanna smile and grin, again.