Don’t drown

Papa don’t drown.
We don’t want you to,
Me and momma, we don’t hate you,
You left us,
To fend for ourselves,
I was that little boy,
Whose eyes twinkled when you were around,
But that didn’t last,
You went out of town,
Yet I don’t wanna see you drown,
I wanna pick you up.

Papa don’t drown.
That dream haunts me,
We don’t hate you,
How was I going to be a man,
If the man I always wanted to know,
Was just a ghost?
Papa don’t drown.
You left us,
We loved you,
I’m still trying to be your son,
I’m still trying to make you proud,
Buy you are drowning,
And I’m helpless,
I can’t save you anymore,

Papa don’t drown.


Hotel windows

There’s a little light peeking,
Through the window,
Of yet another hotel room,
Filled with hope but really just sorrow.

I’m done with hotel rooms,
They are sad,
They are lonely,
They are forgone.

Dad, I know you are fed up too,
Your whole life in hotel rooms,
This job is insane,
This life is inhumane.

I want something else,
I want clarity, organised chaos,
I want cool air of the trees,
I want you anywhere but your knees.

I miss your grace,
I miss your face,
I miss your soul,
Missing you is taking its toll.

Another room, another window,
Another view, another day,
Another hope, another pipedream.

I’m leaving, I’m leaving, he says,
Mother and dog holds on,
Life slips away,
I need stability of another Universe.

Another window.

MM 6.5.15