White Toothbrush


I question time,

as her toothbrush lies next to mine.


She tries to be on time,

sways her hips against mine,

sex appeal – sublime,

Her ass –  defined.


I’m groovin to Southern Rock,

where the lights are Neon,

and the Kings, Leon,

She’s replaying on my mind,

Her toothbrush lies next to mine.


She’s a firecracker,

A burst of energy,

I’m a fire starter,

She’s diggin on me.


We have an electronic story,

and electric chemistry,



Our electronic fate,

got us sharing Colgate.


Her white toothbrush lies next to mine.




There’s some sort of electricity,
Between you and me,
there’s something enigmatic ,
Cause when we touch, static.

I’m lost in your electromagnetic field,
And your current is making me lose feel,
Of my fingers and toes,
Of my mind, only heaven knows.

It’s your eyes, isn’t it?
It’s my clever and your wit,
It’s your little waist
And my uneven face.

Your face in my hands in this city,
Is electromagnetic Interactivity,
And with you, friction,
Remains an addiction.

I’m hooked,
What’s your voltage outlook?
Running through my body,
Tissues and veins, godly.

It’s some sort of electricity.