White Toothbrush


I question time,

as her toothbrush lies next to mine.


She tries to be on time,

sways her hips against mine,

sex appeal – sublime,

Her ass – ┬ádefined.


I’m groovin to Southern Rock,

where the lights are Neon,

and the Kings, Leon,

She’s replaying on my mind,

Her toothbrush lies next to mine.


She’s a firecracker,

A burst of energy,

I’m a fire starter,

She’s diggin on me.


We have an electronic story,

and electric chemistry,



Our electronic fate,

got us sharing Colgate.


Her white toothbrush lies next to mine.




She will never understand simplicity,
Of a sunrise, and it’s mystery,
Of the beach breeze,
Or a winter freeze.

She will never understand the passion in my eyes,
The innocence of my lies,
Or the struggle for trust,
Or my insatiable lust.

She will never understand a rusty thing,
Over a diamond ring,
Or a heart-skippin kiss,
Over a shopping list.

The horizon that awaits,
Over the home bed’s traits,
Over the comfort of security,
The boredom of complexity.