She’s a Woman to Me

It’s the way she smells,

like fresh flowers, like soapy bubbles on a green garden,

like sweet strawberries.

It’s her eyes,

how they sparkle, how they allow me access to everything else,

how they me a story.

It’s the hair,

how it covers my face, and smells like a bouquet,

how I long to pull it,

hard enough that her neck bends.

It’s how she’s a woman to me,


She’s soft,

she whispers in my ear,

she licks my neck,

she giggles,

It is how she holds my hand, like she is never going to see me again,

It is how she wants me.


She wants me, more than anything else,

she buries me in significance,

so deep I can’t find my way out,

I don’t want to find my way out.

It is how I feel wanted by her,

it is how she’s a woman with me,




This is the idea of her,

She’s way more,

She’s scarily way more,

She’s fading.




Black Attack

Your hues of well, black,
I’ll miss it always,
I call it the black attack,
that whizzes by our pathways.

I hear you’re gonna see about an island,
probably gonna see about a diamond.

Maybe your wrist heals,
and you miss our meals,
then come back,
in black.

You will miss us crazies,
and the lazies,
and don’t forget Paula,
That elusive Starbucks banana.

I hope you find your extraordinary,
and decide to come back in February.

MM OCT2015



This is my reset,
She fine as hell,
This is my comeback,
The stories she’d tell.

24, but what a mind,
Traveller and activist,
Tell me what a find.

A knockout,
A ten,
Accent from that mouth,
I begin, again.

Challenge me,
To do one better,
Red nail polish be,
How I get her.

This is my comeback,
I’ve met my fate,
This is my reset,
Before its too late.

Every joke she reacts to,
Every smile to me,
Is a glimpse of my part two,
Glimpse of my destiny.

I’ve not wanted anybody,
Since the last travesty,
I want you insatiably,
Instantly, completely.

Next to Italy,
Above Greece,
Tonight, dream of me,
Start with a miss.

This is my reset.

Through tonight’s wind

I’ll always love you,
Through the night’s wind.

I’ll always love you through the piano keys,
The ocean breeze,
The green fields of hope,
And your naked and your dope.

I’ll always love you through music,
Despite the seconds they tick,
I’ll love you through each second,
Through all your men.

I’ll always love you through the veins on my neck,
Through the haunting melodies of my whizzer cone,
Through the empty sounds of my phone.

I’ll always love you through the night’s wind.
And although you may never see me, I’m sure you can still feel me.
I’ll never leave you.

MM 4.8.15