I’m staring at a different pair of eyes, tonight,

she comes with a different grip,

she’s a different trip,

she’s a journey, yet to unfold,

always a sight to behold.


Another night, another trip,

this one is my chocolate chip,

she’s a little spark,

she thinks shes just another check mark,

her emotions rip,

as she begins to strip,

I do not know why she wants less,

as if she didn’t deserve happiness.


Another night, another trip,

this one thinks shes curing me,

she does it with a big glee,

she doesn’t know she’s boring me,

how bad I wanna flee,

she buys me another gift,

it just gets me miffed,

she wants to cure me of real-timeness,

well your royal highness,

its unchangeable like your untimeliness.


Another night, another trip,

this is where I slipped,

she thinks she has me wrapped around her finger,

and i kinda let that shit linger,

I expressed loyalty and love,

you know that sort of shit from up above,

I lied to her and myself,

as her heart lied there in an ice shelf,

I quickly learned she was not for the taking.


Another night, another trip,

she’s from my past,

she went away way too fast,

she’s a case of emotions taking over,

and running away, cause I drove her,

now she’s back for some,

returning plum.






Wind on Heat


So the wind hit my face.
The weather was hot and the sudden breeze hit my face and immediately triggered memories.
It brought me back to when I was a kid, when I spent the majority of my time outdoors, playing sports, bracing the heat and appreciating the colder wind.
Back then I didn’t know any other fun other than being outside. Screens were not as important back then.
I ate my lunch in school, on a tree, alone, waiting for the time to meet my mates to play football or to join some kind of sports practice.
Those were little bits of solitude, which I should have known would shape the person I would grow up to be.
Heat was not a problem, now it is.
So today, for a moment, I was that little boy again.
And that made me smile.
Life was good as a kid.

Lakeside Campus Kiss

I dreamt of you again,
You talked and I listened,
Memories of you swarm, again,
I’m stunned.

That kiss at the lakeside campus,
Remember when you jumped into me,
The hug in the bus,
The tattoo, infinity.

You loved that little bottle of Moet,
The one time money didn’t matter,
Hated my efforts at being a poet,
You pierced through my armour.

That late night talk in Pangkor,
How you opened up,
When you said I was your anchor,
I still have the proof of the breakup.

You don’t know, but it’s coming full circle,
I’m back to the place I was in 2011,
Now though, you can’t burst my bubble,
I’m looking to the horizon.

“Love is overrated”
“Love is pointless”
“Love, perhaps, if fated”
“Love is though, endless”

MM 29.10.15

Late night songs

It’s gonna be five years on the 28. I have so many reasons to hate that date but so many reasons not to. The date is just a number anyway.

Danny, I can’t believe it’s five years, and it feels like it was just yesterday that we were kids.

Remember that we had so little? Yet everything meant so much. I remember that broken down walkman that kept us awake when everyone one else went to sleep.

Rap. Who would have thought that a few cassettes over the Christmas holidays would turn into a lifetime passion?

Those tapes saved us didn’t it? I mean we put it on, we turned off the lights and we were no longer on that thin mattress, under that fan, we were transported to somewhere much cooler, somewhere worthwhile, somewhere magical and somewhere we belong.

When we put the songs on, your eyes sparkled, your smile drawn, laughter would soon follow, sometimes laughter that woke people up, because you had that loud laugh.

Those late night earphone sessions saved us. It saved us from mediocrity and a place we just didn’t deserve to be at.

And so sometimes at night, I put music on, as tribute to our time, tribute to us, tribute to you. You made my childhood mean so much more, and it hurts me everyday that you are gone.

People may not understand the late night music to sleep. They might not like it, but they will never stop it. That is ours.

So tonight, in your memory, I’ll meet you in some rhymes, in some beats and in some crazy vibin.

Peace out Danny boy, you are missed each day, everyday.

MM. 23.3.15


Time, destroyed us

Remember the times my tunes made you move?
Remember vibin with me?
Remember listening to it and smiling and getting it?
Remember somehow how it became “our” song.
What happened?

What happened to the stomach-turning excitment as we took those lift rides.
Remember wanting more … And more … More
Remember holding my hand?
Remember making plans?
Remember looking into my eyes?
Didn’t you see this stumbling boy who tried to make you smile, so much so, that he ended up making all the wrong moves,
Ended up the bigger loser.

I did try to make you smile.

I did.

Oh how time has destroyed us.