White Toothbrush


I question time,

as her toothbrush lies next to mine.


She tries to be on time,

sways her hips against mine,

sex appeal – sublime,

Her ass – ┬ádefined.


I’m groovin to Southern Rock,

where the lights are Neon,

and the Kings, Leon,

She’s replaying on my mind,

Her toothbrush lies next to mine.


She’s a firecracker,

A burst of energy,

I’m a fire starter,

She’s diggin on me.


We have an electronic story,

and electric chemistry,



Our electronic fate,

got us sharing Colgate.


Her white toothbrush lies next to mine.




She’s quite the celebrity,
but she diggin on me,
she hug like she mighty,
but she isn’t quite really.
She pushes me away,
and pulls me closer,
she doesn’t know if I’m bae,
she knows I’m a coaster.
The differing cultures worries her,
“Does he stay just as a friend”,
Inconsistency choreographer,
“Do I pursue him till the end?”
She grabs me, head on my chest,
kisses me, not too many times,
fighting demons with jest,
almost crossing lines.
“Friend, only?
“I’ll be however you want me”
I spin her around carefully,
she pretends to trip with glee.
We spin,
In your father’s house,
Does this finally begin?
MM 10.10.15


This is my reset,
She fine as hell,
This is my comeback,
The stories she’d tell.

24, but what a mind,
Traveller and activist,
Tell me what a find.

A knockout,
A ten,
Accent from that mouth,
I begin, again.

Challenge me,
To do one better,
Red nail polish be,
How I get her.

This is my comeback,
I’ve met my fate,
This is my reset,
Before its too late.

Every joke she reacts to,
Every smile to me,
Is a glimpse of my part two,
Glimpse of my destiny.

I’ve not wanted anybody,
Since the last travesty,
I want you insatiably,
Instantly, completely.

Next to Italy,
Above Greece,
Tonight, dream of me,
Start with a miss.

This is my reset.