White Toothbrush


I question time,

as her toothbrush lies next to mine.


She tries to be on time,

sways her hips against mine,

sex appeal – sublime,

Her ass –  defined.


I’m groovin to Southern Rock,

where the lights are Neon,

and the Kings, Leon,

She’s replaying on my mind,

Her toothbrush lies next to mine.


She’s a firecracker,

A burst of energy,

I’m a fire starter,

She’s diggin on me.


We have an electronic story,

and electric chemistry,



Our electronic fate,

got us sharing Colgate.


Her white toothbrush lies next to mine.




I’m staring at a different pair of eyes, tonight,

she comes with a different grip,

she’s a different trip,

she’s a journey, yet to unfold,

always a sight to behold.


Another night, another trip,

this one is my chocolate chip,

she’s a little spark,

she thinks shes just another check mark,

her emotions rip,

as she begins to strip,

I do not know why she wants less,

as if she didn’t deserve happiness.


Another night, another trip,

this one thinks shes curing me,

she does it with a big glee,

she doesn’t know she’s boring me,

how bad I wanna flee,

she buys me another gift,

it just gets me miffed,

she wants to cure me of real-timeness,

well your royal highness,

its unchangeable like your untimeliness.


Another night, another trip,

this is where I slipped,

she thinks she has me wrapped around her finger,

and i kinda let that shit linger,

I expressed loyalty and love,

you know that sort of shit from up above,

I lied to her and myself,

as her heart lied there in an ice shelf,

I quickly learned she was not for the taking.


Another night, another trip,

she’s from my past,

she went away way too fast,

she’s a case of emotions taking over,

and running away, cause I drove her,

now she’s back for some,

returning plum.





Where did u grow up?

Wish we grew up on the same advice,

Wish I was there when u still had a heart,

Wish I was in time,

Wish I was there and our time was right.

Make that bed with him, 

Ignore my scent on you,

You made me lose my self control,

Ignore the marks I made.

You made me turn to absurdity,

I looked for darkness,

I tested extremity,

I buzzed through rejection.

I’d still share some with you,

I’ll always share some with you.

We could watch the stars now,

We could be closer than ever,

Look at all those people dance,

Leave it all to chance.

I’ll watch you marry him,

I’ll sing for you,

Someone else will have your babies,

But I’ll have those memories.

And in those memories,

We danced, 

You looked at me,

You smiled,

Bodies tangled,

Hearts mangled.

Just that one picture

That one picture,

grayscale, robbed of color,
that black leotard, nothing else,
stretched to its limits,
those dark bunny-ears,
playful in the playroom,
you spread, not facing the camera,
dominant despite the invitation,
your legs bend back,
your ass barely touching the sheets,
those white sheets,
your hands rest on your ankles,
caressing them i’m sure,
A vaporizer seen at the edge,
handcuffs on the other,
those furry playful ones,
you make my untrained mind wander,
who is behind you?
those white sheets,
the bed is large,
for a playground experience,
for a chase around pleasure-town,
just that one picture.

My 1st Verse

It’s like being contained in a rough metal cage,
Head vein-popping rage,
Its dark, it hurts and it smells,
In my ear – needles and bells,
Release me from this abyss,
I cry “There’s more to life than this”,
I’m used to “Hit and Miss”
I’m a misfit, to say the least,
The least said, Is where I’m at,
Ur face is on my bat,
Pole dancing, auditions are on,
Light glow, bright and neon,
Fire all around like the Kings of Leon,
Turning your face away, cause you can’t turn me on,
The hit and miss, cease to exist,
You resist, I turn away condemned to be whist.
Don’t pretend to be meek,
You keep playing hide and seek,
I’m over it.


There’s some sort of electricity,
Between you and me,
there’s something enigmatic ,
Cause when we touch, static.

I’m lost in your electromagnetic field,
And your current is making me lose feel,
Of my fingers and toes,
Of my mind, only heaven knows.

It’s your eyes, isn’t it?
It’s my clever and your wit,
It’s your little waist
And my uneven face.

Your face in my hands in this city,
Is electromagnetic Interactivity,
And with you, friction,
Remains an addiction.

I’m hooked,
What’s your voltage outlook?
Running through my body,
Tissues and veins, godly.

It’s some sort of electricity.

Jeans, off

A thought crossed my mind at 3.58 pm. I was trying to figure out some scribbles my boss wrote down. I’ve got corrections to do and I’ve got a caffeine craving sleepiness to shake off. This thought should not exist here, now at this moment.
I’ve got you naked. It was quite the tussle. You playfully resisted and I gleefully insisted. I get how guys like taking off skirts, but there is something magical about your jeans.
It the way I have to arch your back and grab your ass, and tug, then slide it off, hold your thighs, and gently slide them off to your ankles. Ahh your ankles, pulling the entire length of the jeans off your ankles, revealing you at your most stunning form. Undies cover your sex but it is enough to send me off the edge.
My hands trace your thighs, slowly, your silky legs against my semi rough hands, and the feeling is amazing. I reach the piece of fabric separating me from you, it covers you well. I can see the sense of excitement in you from the centre of that fabric. Your dampness gives you away.
I can smell you now. It’s begging me asking me to take you beyond this moment. My hands are pressing your face into the pillow. I’m so close to you. I’m wondering if there could be anything more fulfilling then this moment, taking off your jeans.