Catchin Feelings

Stop staring,
I’m not caving,
I mean I like that thing you do,
When I’m that thing you blew
I mean I like you too,
I mean I like you to.

Don’t get it twisted,
This isn’t fated,
This be us getting high,
Headin for the sky.

I’m that thing you blew,
Don’t stick like glue,
Don’t hope for more,
This is all for show.

I mean can’t you tell?
Don’t go catching hope,
Though I’m dope,
You ain’t lockin no one down,

In this god forsaken town.
Don’t go catchin glimpses,
Of my inches,
You ain’t meeting the crew,
Just cause I was something you blew.


She’s trippin

She thinks I’m beautiful,
Yet I do not see it,
we all wanna be beautiful,
we all wanna feel it.

Mr. Jones wants to be funky,
shes staring at you, isn’t she?

She thinks I’m beautiful,
She must be mad,
the nice kind of insane.

She thinks i’m rad,
like her dad,
she thinks i’m cool,
she’s probably missed some school.

She looks at me,
she thinks i’m the one,
How do I tell her,
it is all in good fun?

We stare at the beautiful women …

MM 20.9.15