She’s a Woman to Me

It’s the way she smells,

like fresh flowers, like soapy bubbles on a green garden,

like sweet strawberries.

It’s her eyes,

how they sparkle, how they allow me access to everything else,

how they me a story.

It’s the hair,

how it covers my face, and smells like a bouquet,

how I long to pull it,

hard enough that her neck bends.

It’s how she’s a woman to me,


She’s soft,

she whispers in my ear,

she licks my neck,

she giggles,

It is how she holds my hand, like she is never going to see me again,

It is how she wants me.


She wants me, more than anything else,

she buries me in significance,

so deep I can’t find my way out,

I don’t want to find my way out.

It is how I feel wanted by her,

it is how she’s a woman with me,




This is the idea of her,

She’s way more,

She’s scarily way more,

She’s fading.




Golden Dance

I saw a scene on a television series that reminded me of something. Something I’ve missed and I’ve longed for.

I look at you and you know what’s coming. I have that look on my face, that mood, with such clear intentions. The eye contact that ’burned’ through the room.

The lights are yellow, it’s dim and soft. It makes you glow a little golden.

There’s this song that I put on. It is jazz-type soft singing, and it just puts this moment at ease.

You look alluring, like how you do. You have an inviting smile.

As I approach you, I get this magnetic feeling. The feeling that you want and feel the exact same way as me.

I have a glimpse of a smirk. I am shy in nature.

As I finally get to you, your embrace is welcoming, warm and feels like home.

I move closer, like an almost hug, and my hands move you into position for a slow slow dance.

I can feel your heartbeat. It isn’t racing because you have things in control. I feel your breath on my neck, and your hair on my face. I feel like I’m melting right into you.

The dancing is effortless. Just random movements that both our inexperienced feet muster, often taking cues from each other.

I look at your face, and I know I’m loved, wanted and liked. It’s the most reassuring look I could ever get. Makes me want to hide with you forever.

It doesn’t matter what happens next. That moment of randomness fills me up with so much happiness. Just the thought that someone else who loved having me around, loved the thought of me and sharing the moment with me, it fills me up.

One scene led to this elaborate moment in my head, now I realized why I’ve missed most of what I’ve seen.

“Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is no mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself.”
Havelock Ellis