White Toothbrush


I question time,

as her toothbrush lies next to mine.


She tries to be on time,

sways her hips against mine,

sex appeal – sublime,

Her ass – ┬ádefined.


I’m groovin to Southern Rock,

where the lights are Neon,

and the Kings, Leon,

She’s replaying on my mind,

Her toothbrush lies next to mine.


She’s a firecracker,

A burst of energy,

I’m a fire starter,

She’s diggin on me.


We have an electronic story,

and electric chemistry,



Our electronic fate,

got us sharing Colgate.


Her white toothbrush lies next to mine.



She’s trippin

She thinks I’m beautiful,
Yet I do not see it,
we all wanna be beautiful,
we all wanna feel it.

Mr. Jones wants to be funky,
shes staring at you, isn’t she?

She thinks I’m beautiful,
She must be mad,
the nice kind of insane.

She thinks i’m rad,
like her dad,
she thinks i’m cool,
she’s probably missed some school.

She looks at me,
she thinks i’m the one,
How do I tell her,
it is all in good fun?

We stare at the beautiful women …

MM 20.9.15