The Sunset, Part One

I sat down, alone. This was different. I needed this.

This was no regular sunset, no regular dusk. It was beachfront, hell yeah motherquacker of a sunset.

See as an introvert, this kind of thing rocks my world.

Brings me back to when I used to just lay in the beach with my cousins, and while they did all that they did, I just gave myself away to the sea. I laid my head back to the falling sun, I closed my eyes, and presto, my troubles were gone.

The rocking waves sent me deeper into a state only I know of. It is indescribable happiness in a moment of solitude. Maybe the reassurance that I’m with family, subconsciously makes the solitude easier to digest, or maybe I’m wired in the craziest way.

Hmmmmmm beautiful beaches

So this sunset, yeah, this Langkawi sunset, this was pretty cool.

I had my coffee, I had my camera, and I was all set.

And what was in store for me was pure genius. Whose genius? God knows (pun intended).

People were happy.

Jumping around, jet ski-ing, beach volleyball, jogging, taking a million pictures, all smiles and laughter all around. I swear it was one of the happiest places in Malaysia at that very moment.

But at that very moment something was unrevealing behind them. Colors were being infused in some crazy pattern, like some artist on crack.

I just sat there sipping my coffee, enjoying the show just like I always do.








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