My 1st Verse

It’s like being contained in a rough metal cage,
Head vein-popping rage,
Its dark, it hurts and it smells,
In my ear – needles and bells,
Release me from this abyss,
I cry “There’s more to life than this”,
I’m used to “Hit and Miss”
I’m a misfit, to say the least,
The least said, Is where I’m at,
Ur face is on my bat,
Pole dancing, auditions are on,
Light glow, bright and neon,
Fire all around like the Kings of Leon,
Turning your face away, cause you can’t turn me on,
The hit and miss, cease to exist,
You resist, I turn away condemned to be whist.
Don’t pretend to be meek,
You keep playing hide and seek,
I’m over it.


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