Where did u grow up?

Wish we grew up on the same advice,

Wish I was there when u still had a heart,

Wish I was in time,

Wish I was there and our time was right.

Make that bed with him, 

Ignore my scent on you,

You made me lose my self control,

Ignore the marks I made.

You made me turn to absurdity,

I looked for darkness,

I tested extremity,

I buzzed through rejection.

I’d still share some with you,

I’ll always share some with you.

We could watch the stars now,

We could be closer than ever,

Look at all those people dance,

Leave it all to chance.

I’ll watch you marry him,

I’ll sing for you,

Someone else will have your babies,

But I’ll have those memories.

And in those memories,

We danced, 

You looked at me,

You smiled,

Bodies tangled,

Hearts mangled.


Lakeside Campus Kiss

I dreamt of you again,
You talked and I listened,
Memories of you swarm, again,
I’m stunned.

That kiss at the lakeside campus,
Remember when you jumped into me,
The hug in the bus,
The tattoo, infinity.

You loved that little bottle of Moet,
The one time money didn’t matter,
Hated my efforts at being a poet,
You pierced through my armour.

That late night talk in Pangkor,
How you opened up,
When you said I was your anchor,
I still have the proof of the breakup.

You don’t know, but it’s coming full circle,
I’m back to the place I was in 2011,
Now though, you can’t burst my bubble,
I’m looking to the horizon.

“Love is overrated”
“Love is pointless”
“Love, perhaps, if fated”
“Love is though, endless”

MM 29.10.15